Dealer Automotive Resource, Inc. is headquartered in Chicago. We started our reputation and built it here and have expanded our growth and coverage across the USA.

  • Dealer Automotive Resource, Inc. is supported by a seasoned team of financial services professionals.  With over 100 years of industry experience you will always get the right products, performance and, pricing to help you drive your desired results. We look for true partnerships that will grow together.  Our "old school" mentality of your are only as good as your name rings true for us.  Ethical, consultative, flexible and driven.  We know what making the right decision means.

Meet the Team

You will not find a more experienced, more caring, and more effective agency in this business. That is a bold claim and we are just the guys to back it up. Your dealership will experience this effect when you meet with one of our team, and, more importantly, when you begin to experience what we mean when we say DISCOVER THE DIFFERENCE WE WILL MAKE TO YOUR BOTTOM LINE!

Joseph Pennacchio

Founder & CEO

A real "insider" in this business, Joe has been around F&I products and services for over 35 years and in the back end financial services business since 1985! Utilizing that expertise and time tested business savvy will make a positive impact at your dealership.

Anthony Pennacchio

Vice President - Sales

The new generation of this financial services business.  Young, aggressive, wise beyond his years, and, most of all, passionate about servicing your dealership and it's always important clientel.

Phillip Chavarria

Senior Sales Representative

With a solid history in the financial services industry before coming to Dealer Automotive Resources, Phil has a reputation of absolute professionalism and fanatic customer service. When Phil is on your account you will always get the best.


Your dealership is one click away from total customer satisfaction!