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Performance can be measured multiple ways and have positive impact when the relationship is a true partnership. We are not just a vendor and you are not just a customer. Our philosophy is the team approach. Understanding they plays and executing them will lead to victory. Our performance is in direct correlation with your performance.
The right performance drives retention.
The right performance drives profits.
The right performance drives loyalty.
The right performance drives the right decision
  • Dealer Automotive Resource, Inc representatives are trained and certified by the companies we represent. Our comprehensive approach to product knowledge then is communicated in simple and meaningful ways to insure we “get it right”.
  • Dealer Automotive Resource, Inc is committed to full, ongoing support.  We assist with the branding, implementation and  provide sales and support training for your staff.
  • Dealer Automotive Resource, Inc companies and programs are an arsenal of financial power.   Each product is zeroed in on your customers needs and your dealership business model goals to drive the desired results.  Making the right decision ensures the desired results.


Your dealership is one click away from total customer satisfaction.